St. George Society

The Society of Saint George was formed in 2022 with the intention of establishing a financial shield around Holy Trinity Catholic School for the purpose of protecting and furthering outstanding Catholic education for elementary-age children.

Saint George of Lydda, our patron saint, was a Christian knight who fought valiantly against the dragon of pride, falsehood, and deceit that was a constant threat to Christian faith in his time. He never wavered, ultimately dying a martyr. Saint George’s courageous leadership and unfailing willingness to face adversity while defending the innocent has made the subject of lore for centuries. It is with the spirit of Saint George that our organization was formed.

A spiritual battle is raging throughout the world. The constant attack against Christian virtues presents a real threat to society. The most vulnerable are at the most risk and few are more vulnerable than children. By offering a nurturing school and community atmosphere of faith, love, and respect, we encourage our students to build sincere and respectful relationships based on the teachings of the Catholic church, all while promoting academic excellence and a love of learning.

As a Catholic elementary school in a modern and challenging world, the need for sustainability and growth remains constant. Financially, all needs cannot be met through tuition alone. The Society of Saint George will provide the vital support necessary to continue to meet those ever-present needs. Your membership provides support for outstanding curriculum enhancements, extracurricular activities, and competitive faculty salaries. Your generosity directly impacts the school experience. By working together to form a protective financial shield around our school, we are ensuring the legacy of Catholic education for countless generations to come.

Annual Membership is $150.00 per year and includes a subscription to our quarterly email newsletter, recognition on our website, and inclusion in the Mass for members offered annually on April 23, the Feast Day of Saint George. All gifts, regardless of size, are important and impactful. We pray you will join us in our mission to support Catholic elementary education by enrolling today in the Society of Saint George.

To make a gift to the Saint George Society, please contact Ms. Haleigh Cuevas, Principal at or (228) 467-5158