Art Program

Holy Trinity Catholic School's academic program is enriched by the arts. Art classes help students develop their visual and aesthetic awareness. Students in Pre-K2 through 6th grade attend a weekly art class that promotes academic, social, and emotional development.

Art teaches students how to think creatively, develop skills that transfer to academic achievement, build confidence, strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and develop visual-spatial skills. By exploring different styles of art, studying artists, and using different media, students learn about the visual arts.


Featuring over 7,000 titles, the Holy Trinity Catholic School library caters to all reading levels. Pre-K3 through 6th grade students attend library class weekly.

Pre-K classes use book-based activities and reading comprehension to collaborate with classroom skills. Basic library skills are taught in kindergarten through sixth grade through book-based lessons that are also connected to each grade level's curriculum. Students in first through sixth grades complete basic research projects using both physical and online resources, and they practice oral communication skills. The Accelerated Reader program is utilized with quarterly rewards. Our library also hosts two Book Fairs each year.


Students in our music program actively participate in singing, listening, dancing, creating, performing, and evaluating elements of music.

Students in Pre-K2 through 6th grade encounter Christ through song as they prepare songs each week for use during Mass. Students also learn to pray through song using the Heart Room, which is an internal prayer that is practiced at the beginning of every class.

Physical Education

Holy Trinity Catholic School encourages our students to be physically fit. Students in Pre-K2 through 6th grade attend PE class.

In the Pre-K program, students enjoy games involving hula hoops, soccer balls, and music while exercising and moving.

Beginning in third grade, we focus more on fitness routines and sports skills. Turkey tag and Kickball are popular games among students. Students work hard to improve skills and prepare for our fun-filled and competitive Field Day and Diocesan Track Meet.


In classrooms, the library, and the computer lab at Holy Trinity Catholic School, students have access to a variety of computer facilities and services. Kindergarten students are introduced to technology.

Students interact with computer software and Chromebooks to enhance the many classroom experiences and promote higher-order thinking. Introducing students to applications that will stimulate their intellectual and creative abilities is our goal.