Early Childhood Program

During the early years of childhood, attending a quality preschool may result in higher-level math and reading skills,  readiness for kindergarten, better behavior in class, and a greater likelihood of graduating high school and attending college. Your child’s success begins in preschool.

Holy Trinity Catholic School provides a nurturing environment for children starting school.

The Pre-K1 and Pre-K2 students are gently separated from their parents or caregivers through a thoughtful and individual process. The classroom provides children with a variety of familiar and new materials to explore. A variety of activities are offered, such as block building, art explorations, dramatic play with props, circle time, outdoor activities, and music.
Teachers who have a special understanding of this age group facilitate cooperation and relationship building. They promote the development of self-help skills which leads to increased self-confidence. Our teachers focus on creating a warm and trusting environment for the children, as well as helping each one grow at his or her own pace.

See our Pre-K2 handbook below for more details about our early childhood program.